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This is another website that offers math games. Those games can increase your level of effective understanding of math and make learning easy.
Our friends | Transitions: 201 | Added by: Hooda Math | Date: 30.03.2013

This website is an awesome games-based math teaching resource! You can learn math by playing their cool math games. Exempli gratia, you can learn circle theorems by playing "Tangled Web" or quadratic equations by playing "Save Our Dumb Planet".
Our friends | Transitions: 360 | Added by: Mangahigh | Date: 30.03.2013

You say that math is boring/hard?! That's bullshit, and this website is a proof! It has funny math games and interesting lessons. All that will make you enjoy math! (=^.^=)
Our friends | Transitions: 97 | Added by: Coolmath | Date: 30.03.2013

We've gotta be prepared for GIA (also known as ACT in America) and EGE (aka SAT). The math tests are hard for most of 9th- & 11th-graders. Exempli gratia, %s are learned in 6th grade, but 9th-graders usually forget 'em before the tests. The problems like "you have 10$, and x costs 3$. how many xs can you buy?" can be hard too ('cause the correct answer is 3, but 10/3(!=)3).

This website is in Russian.
Our friends | Transitions: 114 | Added by: Mathgia | Date: 30.03.2013

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